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Let your customers remember your product or service for the right reasons and at the right time.

Business Writing

Writing the right message is the last step in the communication process.
Whether it is copy, content, post or tweet it is easy to forget that the words have to fit in with your branding, internal processes and the external world.
For customers, the channels are outside your control but analytics are one way to monitor success.
For staff and internal customers, the channels are totally in your control.
So often the message is written in isolation and fails to hit the mark.
Hence, the communication audit …

Deliver the promise

Communication Audits

The right message will fail if the channels are wrong, uncoordinated or incomplete.
Your message can be to customers or internal staff … both need to be efficient and effective.
Channels can become ineffective over time because of who or how they are used.
Changes in technology, such as software, the rules, algorithms or AI (artificial intelligence) can impact how well the channels work.

You may be doing things right, but are you doing the right things?


Successful companies plan for now and the future.
Doing things right is half of the story.
Doing the right things is the other half.
It is the difference between leadership and management.
Whether you are communicating to customers or staff, the message sent is often not the one received.

So let’s talk if you want the ‘right message, right channel, right results’.

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Delivering the Promise

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Social Media writing

Connect to your tribe and build a following. Get articles, blogs and posts that are topical, relevant and read.


Unread documents with hidden gems can be rescued.


Standing up in front of an audience is in the Top 20 fears. Let me provide the words and story line to put you in the lime light.


Selling yourself is the hardest thing to do. Let me highlight your strengths and differentiate you from the crowd.