From Nerdy to Wordy

Do you want your message to be read, understood and the right action to follow? Then you need a professional writer who will provide words that are interesting, clear and compelling. While anyone can write, it doesn’t mean that it will be read, especially when people have a short attention span.

As a business writer, you get the relevant blend of these styles:-
1. Persuasive (copywriting)(see also copyrighting)
2. Descriptive (content writing)
3. Narrative (storytelling)
4. Exposé (journalism)
You may want existing words checked, be starting anew or haven’t a clue.
Words are needed in general writing e.g. websites, video scripts, newsletters, blogs, email campaigns, social media posts and articles.
Equally important are speeches for live presentations, reports for more detailed scrutiny and personalised CVs for individuals.
In advertising, ‘copy’ is the written text within a publication. The words ‘web content’ or ‘content’ are often used for online text.
Ad copy is text used for influencing and selling. Body copy is text in the main part of a piece of writing.
The origin may be from Morse code and radio communications, where ‘copy’ means the message is received and understood.
Copyrighting is the legal protection granted to original works of authorship. This covers literature, music, computer code and any work expressed in words, numbers and other symbols. Protection is automatic when it is written on paper, electronic methods, audio recordings and any other tangible form. There is copyright for photographs and other creative formats which are not covered here.
Legal advice is recommended due to the complexity of this subject. The details of the legal protection will depend on the country of origin and the date of authorship. Unless authorship states the work is free from copyright, it cannot be assumed.
Better business with clever copy.
Take a look at a grass roots approach with an eye to the big picture.
Let your customer seamlessly join the dots from data to action.
Doctor Peter combines science with emotion.
Whether you need words for your website, content for your copy or spiel for your speech, Peter can help.
Initial consultation
Mini audit
Briefing and Agile Planning
1:1 interviews and Workshops
Reporting, Options and Delivery

Business transformation looks at ways to improve specific methods, processes and steps. This results in real USPs (unique selling points) and a competitive edge.

For example, a process is a sequence of related tasks which uses

resources to convert inputs into outputs to achieve a known result, product or service. The use of feedback means your process never gets out of date. It doesn’t matter if you produce bricks, bespoke art or a customised service, a business will be using many processes.

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